Welcome to the home of Unlikely Games, LLC

Unlikely Games is a game development company operating out of Rochester, NY., specializing in the creation of card games and board games.

While video games and phone apps are enjoyable, we here at Unlikely Games share a deep love of card games and board games.  For us there's nothing better than to get together with friends, gather around a table and have a great time with a game or two.  Since you're here, you're probably of the same opinion.

So stay a bit and take a look around.


Unlikely Origin

Unlikely Games is the brainchild of Tom Prevendoski, a life-long gamer of role-playing games, card games and board games.  While attending a gaming convention, Tom found a few idle hours in between his events.  As he sat there, a few game ideas just popped into his head.  He pulled out a scrap of paper and scribbled down as much as he could.  But when his next event began, he stuffed the paper into a bag and forgot all about it.

A year goes by, and Tom once again found himself at the same gaming convention.  He pulled out his gaming stuff and found that same scrap of paper with his scribbled-down game ideas.  This sparked even more ideas.  Tom wrote down every one, and the games began to take shape.  

Tom eventually showed these ideas to friends.  Some were shot down.  But most were highly complimented, and Tom was encouraged to develop them further.  It wasn't long before Tom's friends had their own ideas.  Before you know it, there were designs for a lot of games.  The decision was made to put these ideas together to see what could develop.

Unlikely Games was officially founded in 2014, many years after all of these game ideas first came about.  The name "Unlikely Games" was chosen in reference to the rather unintentional nature of the games' origins.  And the rest, as they say, is history.


Unlikely Mission Statement

The people behind Unlikely Games have played all sorts of games over the years.  So when they decided to make games of their own, they chose to make as wide an assortment of games as possible.  Some of our games will appeal to the strategist and will require good tactics to win.  Some of our games will appeal to the casual gamer and can be best described as pure chaos.  But every game designed by Unlikely Games will have one thing in common.


It is the intention of Unlikely Games to create games that are both entertaining and creative.  We will only produce a game that we ourselves would want to play.  We're not saying that all of our games will appeal to every type of game player out there.  But it is our goal to make certain that no matter what flavor of gamer you are, you'll find that at least one Unlikely Game will fit you perfectly.